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Outcome 1: A safe and supportive learning environment 

Students experience a physically safe and mutually supportive learning environment that responds to the needs of all students. 

Outcome 2: Assistance for students to meet their basic needs 

Students have adequate access to advice, information and services which help them to meet their basic needs. 

Outcome 3: Physical and mental health of students 

Students are assisted by providers to manage their physical and mental health, and to access support when needed. 

Outcome 4: Progress and personal development of students

Students are assisted by providers to transition to tertiary study, progress and achieve in their studies, and to develop knowledge, skills and experience to prepare them for further work or study. 

Outcome 5: Inclusive learning environment 

Students experience an inclusive learning environment where they are accepted and valued, respected, free from racism and discrimination, and connected with social and cultural networks. 

Outcome 6: Student voice 

The mana of students is upheld in their learning environment and their voices are heard and integrated in decisions around the planning and provision of student support services.