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Since the Ministerial Advisory Group (MAG) and Reference Group were established in May 2018, we’ve heard from many educators, students, parents, whānau, iwi and communities across New Zealand  who have shared their thoughts on progress and achievement in schools and kura. The feedback we received fed into the emerging ideas developed by the Ministerial Advisory Group, and will inform the recommendations the Group is now developing for the Minister of Education.

The report of our online survey, carried out in June 2018, is available for you to read.

In term 4 last year, the Curriculum, Progress and Achievement Reference Group led engagement on the MAG’s emerging ideas for strengthening the focus on curriculum, progress and achievement. Members of the Group led discussions with Māori educators to capture their perspective on the emerging ideas for both English and Māori Medium settings. There were discussions with Pacific educators to hear their perspective on the emerging ideas. There was also strong representation from educators and communities with a disability and learning support perspective.

The report summarising the feedback is available for you to read.