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Every child and young person has the right to education.

1 in 5 children and young people need some kind of extra support for their learning.

Inclusive education is about making sure all children can take part in education, learn and achieve whatever their needs or differences. Learning support refers to the additional support some children and young people need to engage and achieve in education.

The draft Disability and Learning Support Action Plan aims to develop an inclusive education system where children and young people with additional learning needs, including disabilities, are welcome. Where their achievement, progress, wellbeing and participation is valued and supported.

The Action Plan suggests a number of priorities for the next few years developed in response to feedback from parents and whānau, and organisations and groups from the education and disability sectors. Actions will need to be achieved within available funding, and sequenced and phased in over time. Each action will depend on the results of consultation and further policy work. Any new actions will need decisions on funding before being implemented.

The draft Action Plan is available in:

The draft Action Plan will also be available in the following languages soon:

  • Cook Islands | Maori Kuki Airani
  • Niuean | Vagahau Niue
  • Tokelauan | Gagana Tokelau

We want to know what you think. You can share what you think about the draft plan now via the online survey. 

Your feedback will be considered alongside other views heard through the broader Education Conversation.