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An online survey about early learning ran from 14 June to 12 July 2018 – thank you to everyone who contributed.

Thank you to everyone who shared your ideas and experiences about early learning earlier this year.

Around 2,500 New Zealanders took part in a high level survey, which ran from 14 June to 12 July.  It was published in English, Te Reo Māori, and a number of other languages.

The survey was a useful input for the groups developing the draft strategic plan.

We asked what you value most about New Zealand’s early learning system.  Te Whāriki, the early learning curriculum, was the most popular response.  Other key themes included community involvement, and play-based learning.

When asked what could be improved about New Zealand’s early learning system, you suggested improvements to some of the structural settings for early learning, such as teacher:child ratios, more investment, and more qualified teachers.

You can read more about the questions and responses in NZIER’s Analysis of early learning online survey results.

We are now seeking feedback on the specific proposals in the draft plan. Consultation opened on 19 November and ends on 15 March 2019.