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In 2018, the Minister of Education appointed a Ministerial Advisory Group to explore ideas for how to strengthen NCEA. These ideas were intended to provoke, inspire, and encourage the kōrero on NCEA.

Read about the 6 Big Opportunities in Te Reo Māori


Graphic showing six circles 1-6 representing that there are 6 big opportunities

 Big Opportunities

  1. Creating space at NCEA Level 1 for powerful learning
  2. Strengthening literacy and numeracy
  3. Ensuring NCEA Levels 2 and 3 support good connections beyond schooling
  4. Making it easier for teachers, schools, and kura to refocus on learning 
  5.  Ensuring the Record of Achievement tells us about students’ capabilities
  6. Dismantling barriers to NCEA

The 6 Big Opportunities can be read in more detail in NCEA Review Discussion document - Big Opportunities.

Download the NCEA Have your say brochure - English version [PDF 1.6MB]

Download the NCEA Māu hei kōrero brochure - Te Reo Maori [PDF 1.6MB]