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Strengthen literacy and numeracy

Confidence in understanding and using numbers and language in a technology-rich world is a vital part of the journey into life after school. NCEA’s literacy and numeracy requirements should both reflect the capabilities needed for later life and be based on the progress students are expected to make before NCEA. We would like to clarify literacy and numeracy requirements, review how they are assessed, and consider the role of other literacies in NCEA, particularly digital literacy.

This opportunity explores:

  • Clarifying and resetting expectations about the literacy and numeracy requirements for NCEA Level 1.
  • Reviewing all the achievement and unit standards that can currently assess literacy and numeracy, to ensure the process is simple and robust.

We have heard that the current literacy and numeracy requirements and the ways they are assessed can be difficult to understand. Sometimes young people who have met the standard still struggle after they have left school.

We want your opinion on whether our understanding of literacy and numeracy should be limited to reading, writing, and mathematics or could it also include skills like digital, financial, or civic literacy. If so, could these skills be recognised alongside reading, writing, and mathematics in NCEA’s requirements. 

Focus questions asked during the 2018 public engagement

  • What changes to current literacy and numeracy assessment expectations and practice are required?
  • What else should we include when we assess literacy and numeracy? What about digital literacy? Cultural
  • literacy? Financial literacy?
  • What literacy and numeracy skills are most needed by employers? By tertiary providers? By our wider society?

We also want to improve the current approach to assessing these capabilities. At the moment, different standards set different benchmarks and some don’t explicitly assess literacy and numeracy.

Download the Big Opportunities discussion document [PDF 3.3MB]

Download the Big Opportunities 2 factsheet  [PDF 66KB]

Download the Big Opportunities 2 A3 Poster [PDF 66KB]