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Make it easier for teachers, schools, and kura to refocus on learning

NCEA should allow teachers to design and deliver a range of high-quality, coherent courses drawn from across the curriculum. Changes in resourcing and support, moderation expectations, quality assurance, and accountability could help make this vision easier. This would support teachers to lead these shifts from the ground up and strengthen teaching practice while reducing workload and stress.

We know that students benefit from courses that cater to their interests, passions, and needs and that emphasise, their most important ideas, knowledge, and skills.

NCEA is intended to help teachers deliver a range of high-quality courses that are coherent and based on the curriculum. By coherent, we mean that students experience learning that is joined up, both within a single course and across courses.

We’ve heard that traditional approaches to timetabling, based on the current assessment standards, can make it difficult for schools and kura to design courses like these. We’ve also been told that if schools and kura are to refocus on learning, changes need to be made to resourcing and support, moderation, quality assurance, and accountability.

We know that many schools and kura are already leading changes to offer rich learning experiences. We’re keen to hear from communities about the approaches they are trying and what has worked. We also want to know about the kinds of resources and support that would help schools and kura strengthen teaching while reducing teacher workload.

Focus questions asked during the 2018 public engagement

  • How can we support teachers and school leaders to feel empowered and supported to practice this way?
  • How can we bring more student input into course design?
  • Should all courses be quality assured by NZQA? Should coherence be reported on by ERO?
  • What makes it difficult for schools or kura to offer coherent, joined up courses to our students? What have we missed?

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