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Ensure the Record of Achievement tells us about learners’ capabilities

The Record of Achievement currently includes NCEA results but doesn’t give a full picture of what a student has learnt and achieved. To signal the value of all this learning – much of which doesn’t result in credits – we need a Record of Achievement that acknowledges and values things like employment, community work, extracurricular activities and cultural contributions. This would help learners make better pathway and career decisions. It would also provide a basis for communicating a diverse range of achievements to parents and whānau, employers, tertiary organisations, and the community.

The current Record of Achievement only lists NCEA results, but it doesn’t demonstrate a students’ full knowledge, skills, attitudes, and capabilities.

We’ve heard that some employers and tertiary providers rely on the Record of Achievement for information about a young person’s skills and abilities. But some employers don’t find it so helpful, and tertiary providers often use other records and measures to make decisions on course entry.

This opportunity explores changing to a Record of Achievement that acknowledges and values things like employment, community work, extracurricular activities and cultural contributions.

Focus questions asked during the 2018 public engagement

  • How should information from NZQA and from students be combined and displayed within the Record of Achievement?
  • How could information created by the student be verified?
  • What other ways could the Record of Achievement show what student can do in terms of skills and abilities? 
  • What evidence should students take with them from their time doing NCEA to further study and the workforce?

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