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The advice considered by the Minister when making the decisions on the NCEA Change Package has been proactively released. This includes the advice from the Ministry of Education, the Ministerial Advisory Group and the Professional Advisory Group. A small amount of information has been withheld in line with the Official Information Act.

17 December 2018 - Briefing Note - NCEA Review - testing the directions of travel

14 February 2019 - Education Report - NCEA Review and the Review of Achievement Standards

22 February 2019 - Briefing Note - NCEA Review, MAG and PAG advice

25 February 2019 - Education Report - NCEA Review - Advice on Strengthening NCEA

11 March - Briefing Note - NCEA Review - next steps for advice

5 April - Education Report - NCEA Review Cabinet paper - consulting on proposals for change

10 April 2019 - Education Report - NCEA Review - Revisions to Cabinet Paper and consultation approach

16 April 2019 - Briefing Note - NCEA Review - further revisions to Cabinet Paper

Cabinet Paper - Changes to strengthen NCEA

NCEA Change Package Overview 2019

Read the NCEA Change Package Overview 2019 for more detail about the changes, the journey we took with New Zealand to get to them, and what an NCEA programme could look like.

cover image of overview document