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We’re seeking applications to establish four NCEA Panels – groups who will work with the Ministry of Education on the development and delivery of the NCEA change package. We’re specifically seeking expressions of interest for the following groups:

  • Māori NCEA Panel
  • Pacific People NCEA Panel
  • Disability & Learning Support NCEA Panel
  • Pathways NCEA Panel (bringing a lens of how students progress through NCEA and develop strong pathways forward into higher education and/or employment).

What will the NCEA Panels do?

The NCEA Panels will work with Ministry Leads to advise on the development of new products and system shifts for the NCEA change package. Panels are expected to provide targeted advice and input at critical points in the design and implementation of the NCEA change package, based on their expertise, knowledge and experience.

Each NCEA Panel will have approximately 8 members.

Note the Māori NCEA Panel will not be the sole Māori advisory group which engages with the NCEA change package. If you have questions about how best to get involved on behalf of ākonga Māori, please contact Jason Kora, Senior Manager Ākonga Māori, jason.kora@education.govt.nz

Who should apply to be on a NCEA Panel?

Across all NCEA Panels, applicants should:

  • Have strong expertise, knowledge or experience relevant to a respective NCEA Panel
  • Demonstrate an ability to draw on and incorporate this expertise, knowledge or experience
  • Be able to work collaboratively and in a team setting
  • Be prepared to commit to approximately 4 days in 2020 to help shape quality criteria and provide quality assurance.

To meet the needs of the diversity of learners that use NCEA, applicants for each NCEA Panel should also specifically be able to demonstrate the criteria outlined below for each group. Applicants need not have all characteristics, but the criteria is what we would like to see reflected in each group.

For the Māori NCEA Panel, we’re looking for people that can demonstrate:

  • Experience or genuine interest in supporting equitable outcomes for ākonga Māori
  • Genuine interest in helping to deliver for ākonga Māori an NCEA which is responsive to their language, identity, culture, and lived experiences
  • An ability to draw on one’s own values, traditions and customs, and incorporate these in your work
  • An ability to recognise and address the specific needs and considerations of ākonga Māori in diverse educational settings
  • Expertise or cultural knowledge in kaupapa Māori
  • Established relationships in educational settings or community groups.

For the Pacific People NCEA Panel, we’re looking for people that can demonstrate:

  • An ability to draw on one’s own Pacific values, tradition and customs, and incorporate this in their work
  • An ability to recognise and acknowledge Pacific learners’ social, cultural and linguistic needs
  • An ability to understand and appropriately apply cultural values and practices that underpin Pacific peoples’ world views and perspectives
  • Expertise or cultural knowledge in Pacific contexts and spaces
  • Awareness of the diverse and ethnic-specific identities, languages and cultures of Pacific learners.

For the Disability & Learning Support NCEA Panel, we’re looking for people that can demonstrate:

  • Expertise in disability and/or learning support issues in senior secondary schooling or similar context, or lived experience as a disabled person in education
  • An ability to recognise and acknowledge the diverse needs of a wide variety of different disabled young people and/or people with learning support needs
  • An awareness of the particular issues in NCEA affecting key groups of disabled young people and young people with learning support needs.

For the Pathways NCEA Panel, we’re looking for people that can demonstrate:

  • Knowledge of diverse ways students can undertake different pathways through NCEA, and the qualifications and pathways students can take beyond NCEA (post-secondary education)
  • Good understanding of career development theory and best practices for supporting students’ pathways, including future skill requirements with the “world of work”
  • Awareness of the particular issues affecting key groups, including Māori, Pacific, Learning Support and ESOL students
  • Relevant experience such as the delivery of Gateway or Trades Academy, representing either secondary, tertiary or workplace settings, working in an industry setting, or unit standards and/or standard-setting experience
  • Effective relationship building with employers and community groups. 

We’re looking for a range of voices and want to see a balance of relevant expertise, knowledge and experience reflected across groups. This includes experienced teachers, industry experts, academics and respected people in these communities.

To apply for an NCEA Panel, or get more information, send your CV and cover letter to NCEA.Review@education.govt.nz. Please keep your CV and cover letter concise (max four pages in total and Word documents only), noting your relevant experience.

Applications will close 5 February 2020.