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The Review of Achievement Standards will commence in 2020 as part of the NCEA Review Change Package.

What is RAS?

The achievement standards are due to be reviewed every five years. The RAS presents an opportunity to bring the curriculum to the forefront of teaching and learning to address equity and parity issues, teacher and workload issues and to ensure that the standards are fit for purpose for today’s context and into the future.

This is also an opportunity to action the outcomes of the NCEA Review that relate to achievement standards and resources.

We will be reviewing:

  • All subject matrices
  • All achievement standards
  • All assessment resources, teaching and learning guides, and exemplars

We will be expanding supports to include more assessment tasks and additional exemplars for each reviewed standard.

Who is guiding RAS?

An Achievement Standards Technical Evaluation Committee (ASTEC) has been set up to provide advice and support as the Ministry develops the underlying principles and operating framework for the RAS.

A Reference Group made up of subject association representatives and curriculum experts from across the New Zealand Curriculum and Te Marautanga o Aotearoa (TMoA) has been set up to provide advice and support to the Ministry.

Timeline for the RAS

Download this PDF to view the timeline for the Review of Achievement Standards

What’s next?

Trial phase

Between late September and early December 2019, we will be trialling the development process for achievement standards and curriculum support resources with one subject. This is a shorter version of the full process, designed to test and refine the development of a new matrix, standards, training products and templates.

Pilot phase

Starting in late September 2019, we will establish a pilot group of three subjects to further test and refine the processes. This pilot will undergo the full development process three months ahead of the remaining subjects which will commence in February 2020.

Subject expert groups – trial and pilot phase

Subject expert groups have been established for the trial subject - science - and the early-start subjects – English, visual arts and religious studies. These groups commence their work on 19 September and run through to the end of April 2020.

Further calls for Expressions of Interest will be made in late January/early February 2020 for the remaining subjects to start development of the new achievement standards.

Applying to be on a subject expert group

Each group will have eight representatives.

Applicants should:

  • have expertise or experience in the relevant subject
  • have an interest and expertise in learning and assessment within that subject

be prepared to commit to approximately 10 days in 2020, and between 6-8 days over 2021, 2022 and 2023.
We’re looking for a range of voices:

  • Experienced practising teachers and experts from a range of educational settings and backgrounds, including community, industry and tertiary education.
  • People with a strong, authentic understanding of how to integrate te ao and tikanga Māori, and Pacific peoples’ knowledge and cultures into teaching and learning design.

Flights, accommodation and teacher release time paid to your school (if applicable) will be covered. Where work occurs over weekends or holidays, the equivalent teacher release rate will be paid to the teacher.

Decisions on the membership of each group will take into account the merits of individual candidates (including relevant expertise and experience) and the overall diversity, balance and composition of each group.


If you have any questions about the Review of Achievement Standards, contact the Ministry team at ras.review@education.govt.nz