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Quick survey | Rangahau poto

What is working for you? What is not? What needs to change? If there are only a few things you want to tell us about, take our quick survey now. It should take less than ten minutes. 

The survey closed on 31 August. 

Detailed survey | Rangahau āmiki

There are some issues we are particularly interested in hearing your views on. This survey will take a bit longer. We suggest allowing 15 minutes or more. 

The survey closed on 12 August. 

Formal submission | Tāpaetanga kōrero ōkawa

If you have a written, audio or video submission, you can email these to Tomorrows.Schools@education.govt.nz. Please note that the file size limit is 25MB. Submissions close on 31 August. 

Please note that your submission will become public information. This means that a member of the public may ask for a copy of your submission from us under the Official Information Act 1982. Any submission summary we create as a result of this consultation may also mention your submission. Tell us if you do not want your name included in any submission summary.

Get social | Whakahuihui

Encourage others to have their say, share your views and find out what others think by joining the conversation on Facebook and Twitter: #TomorrowsSchools #EdConvo18