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Religious Studies assessment package


Thank you for taking the time to review the Phase 2 Religious Studies assessment package:

  • Level 1 Achievement Standards
  • Internal Assessment Activities and teacher guidance materials
  • Assessment Schedules


Before reviewing this assessment package we encourage you to revisit the Learning Matrix, Assessment Matrix and Course Outlines from Phase 1 to provide some context for the Phase 2 assessment documents. In particular, the Learning Matrix and Assessment Matrix have been adapted following the first round of feedback.


Please spend some time with these documents before providing your feedback. We suggest that you have the questionnaire open alongside the Phase 2 documents so that you can answer the questions as you read.


Here is some background information on how the externals have been structured.

The first external standard is RS1.2 Describe a characteristic found in two different religious traditions. This will be assessed by an external examination at the end of the year. Within the learning programme, students will study at least two different religious traditions with a range of characteristics in each. The characteristics are listed within the standard. Students will be given a list of five characteristics in the exam to choose from and some focussing questions to give them direction for their comparison.

The second external standard is RS1.4 Describe an ethical principle found within a religious tradition. This is a Common Assessment Task (CAT) which will be internally assessed during the year. A stimulus will be provided through a secure channel several weeks before the assigned CAT. Teachers will share this stimulus with their students ahead of specific questions being sent for the CAT. Students will have a week to prepare either a written response of approximately 800 words, or an oral response of approximately five minutes in length.


Trial and Pilots Phase 2 - Religious Studies questionnaire


Please note that the Ministry and NZQA are working to develop external assessment specifications and conditions of assessment for non-examination externals and these will be shared with the sector at a later date. 


List of Phase 2 Religious Studies PDF products 


Religious Studies Achievement Standard 1.1

Religious Studies Achievement Standard 1.2

Religious Studies Achievement Standard 1.3

Religious Studies Achievement Standard 1.4

Religious Studies Assessment Activity 1.1a

Religious Studies Assessment Activity 1.1b

Religious Studies Assessment Activity 1.1c

Religious Studies Assessment Activity 1.3a

Religious Studies Assessment Activity 1.3b

Religious Studies Assessment Activity 1.3c

Religious Studies Assessment Schedule 1.1a

Religious Studies Assessment Schedule 1.1b

Religious Studies Assessment Schedule 1.1c

Religious Studies Assessment Schedule 1.3a

Religious Studies Assessment Schedule 1.3b

Religious Studies Assessment Schedule 1.3c

Religious Studies Conditions of Assessment


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