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New Zealand’s International Education Strategy 2018-2030, released in August 2018, sets the vision and clear objectives for international education.

New Zealand’s International Education Strategy 2018-2030 | Education New Zealand website

The strategy signalled a move from international education as a revenue generating export industry, to one that focuses on quality of education, and higher value markets. The strategy has three overarching goals:

  • Delivering an excellent education and ākonga/student experience
  • Achieving sustainable growth
  • Developing global citizens

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, shifts in policies and settings were already starting to achieve the key goals of the International Education Strategy. COVID-19 has significantly disrupted the sector, and its impact is likely to worsen over the short term. This provides an opportunity to accelerate the ‘high value’ strategic shift signalled in the International Education Strategy and embed this in the sector’s rebuild.

In making this shift, we need to be clear about what ‘high value’ looks like. We need to consider where we will be offering incentives to protect and enhance areas of high value, and where we will pivot and develop new offerings. A carefully managed approach to rebuilding the sector is the most effective way to realise the goals of the International Education Strategy, clarify the value we are aiming for, reduce risk, and raise social license around international education in New Zealand.

Purpose of the statement

The purpose of this statement, together with the accompanying A3, is to establish:

  • what ‘high value’ means for ākonga/students and the international education sector
  • the key markets Government will focus on to achieve a ‘high value’ shift.

An agreed understanding of value will:

  • provide a clear basis for policy and decision making
  • provide clarity and transparency for ākonga/students and the sector on the market direction
  • align cross-government objectives and work programmes
  • guide the identification of future ākonga/student cohorts for border exemptions

This statement will be used to inform work programmes that aim to achieve the three overarching goals of the International Education Strategy – excellent education and ākonga/student experience, sustainable growth, and developing global citizens.

This draft policy statement: high value for international education has been developed by the Ministry of Education in consultation with the Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Education New Zealand, the Tertiary Education Commission and the New Zealand Qualifications Authority.

How to provide feedback

We encourage you to provide feedback to help us define what ‘high value’ means for international education going forward. Your views will help inform the final policy statement which will give a clear steer on the direction for international education as we rebuild and deliver on the longer-term goals outlined in the International Education Strategy. 

Please provide feedback as followed:

1. Read the draft Policy Statement on Value. A PDF and A3 diagram version are also available for download.

Draft Policy Statement on Value

Draft Policy Statement on Value – PDF

Draft Policy Statement on Value A3 diagram – PDF

2. Answer the following questions:

      • Do you support the proposed definition of value? Why or why not?
      • Is there anything missing from the policy statement?

3. To respond, you can either:

4. Consultation closes 24 September 2021.

5. If you have questions, email: Value.statementIE@education.govt.nz

Other opportunities for feedback

There will be virtual workshop sessions to discuss the draft statement and get feedback.

The virtual session dates and times are:

17 September | 10.00am - 11.30am

20 September | 3.00pm – 4.30pm

21 September | 9.30am – 11.00am

Register your interest in attending one of these consultation opportunities:

Register online

The links will be sent to out to those who have registered.